Financial Coaching

Financial coaching for student loan borrowers is crucial as they navigate the challenges of balancing student debt, housing costs, and saving for the future. We strive to finding the equilibrium between helping client's live their #BEST life today while planning for a #successful retirement in the future!

Understanding Your Cash Flow

As a student loan borrower it is imperative to understand how your cash flows operate month-to-month or even year-over-year.  Whether the goal is to aggressively payoff your loans over the most efficient period of time or reduce your monthly-required-minimum payment to be more affordable you'll want to start with cash flow.   Not all cash flows are the same and it is a myth that earning more income leads to greater cash flow control.  Your ability to save effectively and build wealth stems in how well one manages their cash flows. 

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Maximizing Asset Location 
When it comes to structuring your student loan repayment strategy there are practices we offer that can help borrowers reduce their monthly-required-minimum payment.  It is best to understand what is available on the clients balance sheet as of today along with seeing what types of benefits are offered through their employer.  We start with what we have access to and then adjust accordingly from there always keeping the client's goal(s) in mind. 

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Tax Filing Status

This is an area where we partner with either our own trusted tax planning specialist or the borrowers tax preparer to determine if filing their taxes 'married-filing-separately' (MFS) is more optimal than 'married-filing-jointly' (MFJ).  There are certain instances where the borrower can benefit in both the short- and long-term with adjusting their tax filing status which can lead toward lowering their payments and maximizing their forgiveness opoortunities.  

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Student loan borrowers can benefit from proactive financial coaching to achieve both short-term and long-term financial goals. Seeking advice from trusted financial professionals and leveraging technology for financial management can contribute to the opportunity for a more secure financial future.